Surgical Guide

Get the safest and most precise results while saving chair time.
Surgical guides allow dentists to virtually plan an implant surgery and then precisely place an implant in the safest, predictable, and well-organized manner. With guided surgery, it is also
possible to place implants in optimal esthetic positions by using the software to superimpose abutments, allowing the room required for implant restorations to be more accurately calculated.
It is one of the safest ways to perform implant surgery, as the guide will rest on bone, gingiva, or teeth. A guide will also have stops limiting the depth of the drill and the depth of the
implant. These aspects effectively eliminate the guesswork in implant surgery, allowing you to accurately replicate your surgical plan without any deviations.
Surgical guides helps to meet the needs of patients who prefers top quality and outstanding treatment outcome with a minimum number of appointments.

Surgical Guides with Digital Treatment Planning

RR DENTAL LAB producing various implant restorations since many years.
We offer digital treatment planning and surgical guide fabrication services in producing surgical guides that help dentists to maintain a restorative-driven approach throughout treatment and
also help to maximize productivity and profitability on every implant case.
We helps dentists in placing implants with maximum precision, safety and predictability
Surgical guides with digital treatment planning provides functional and esthetic outcome whether you’re taking a digital or physical impression. It also helps dentists in achieving the best
possible result with a little discomfort to the patient.
Digital implant placement planning with Exoplan software lets you to plan precisely and easily, enabling you to achieve predictable results in simple to advanced surgical cases. The software
also offers numerous measurement and planning functions, such as automatic nerve canal detection and various distance monitoring functions.


Reduces chair time for implant surgery
Minimize surgical trauma
Faster healing time
Highest degree of precision, safety and predictability
Restorative driven treatment planning using digital technology
Beneficial when space is limited, where angled implants are required.
In cases of immediate loading and prefabricated provisionals.
Increased patient comfort and less stressful for the dentists
Optimal spacing from adjacent teeth and also from buccal and lingual plates
Implant positioned a safe distance from vital anatomical structures and accommodate limited bone volume
Assist dentists in executing a treatment plan that is both safe and prosthetically driven

Our Products include

Single Implant Surgical Guide
Endo Guide
Zygomatic Guides (Metal)
Bone Reduction Guide
Bone Cutting Guide
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