E – MAX CAD is an innovative lithium disilicate glass-ceramic block for CAD/CAM techniques. It is preferred over zirconium crowns because it is tougher and more durable. It is less prone to chipping than zirconium crowns.

Why to choose E – MAX CAD

  • Leading CAD/CAM material – considerably higher strength compared with competitive glass and hybrid ceramics

  • Comprehensive indication spectrum – Veneers, Inlays, onlays, partial crowns, crowns in anterior and posterior region, up to three unit bridges.

  • A wide range of translucency levels, shades and block sizes offer greater flexibility for challenging clinical situations.

  • Highly esthetic qualities with exceptional user-friendliness

  • Tried-and-tested cementation materials have been specifically designed to provide long lasting and durable restorations.

  • Scientifically and clinically proven for all your CAD/CAM needs

  • The only downside of E-MAX crowns is the cost. E-MAX crowns are the best ones out there, so it is more than worth it to spend extra.

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